Softer Protests: Finding Your Way Home - Softer original music and solo performances by Phil Sweeney

On this second CD, Phil Sweeney, shares the diversity of his life work as a poet and songwriter. Folk, country, blues and soft jazz creations reflect the many travels and variety of music cultures which have impacted this troubadour and sensitive critic of modern times and circumstances. Always on the outskirts of a world driven by guns, industry and accelerating technology, Softer Protests speaks to heart of every poet and artist cast adrift in a world of noise and emotional numbness. To show concern for this world without being consumed by it is the artistic tension evidenced in Softer Protests. Also available at cdbaby .com

Softer Protests: Finding Your Way Home is the Second CD of a four part collection that will summarize the life work of this inspirational performance artist and audio-journalist of life in America. The whole CD, or individual songs, may be purchased at the link provided at this site. The first CD in this series: Do You Know Where Your Children Have Been, may also be purchased at same location.

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