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When America elects a President, they need to realize that this individual will be defending American VALUES AND INTERESTS in the world arena. If the person we elect is a bigot with no experience in government and diplomacy, we lose the high ground with respect to dealing with terrorists and despots around the world. All they need to do is point to our own treatment of other cultures and minorities to claim that we are hypocrites who don't practice what we preach, so why should anyone else. Too much TV and media hype persuades many that elections are about choosing Superheroes, not qualified representatives. This always seems to be the case, not just in 2016. Reflecting on the 1988 confirms this political misconception.



Charlotte Kennedy December 14, 2016 @08:55 pm
Very interested to hear this but unfortunately my android phone isn't letting me listen. I am looking for some poets for Binghamton's Million Womens March. The march is basically to call out and remind our leaders that we want ALL citizen's civil rights to remain protected, especially directed towards the newly elected president and his cabinet. Please email to discuss this further. Thank you.

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