Phil Sweeney

Phillip Sweeney - Poet, Songwriter, Performance Artist, Peace And Social Justice Advocate And Educator

Phil Sweeney is listed by Poets & Writers, Inc.(NYNY) as a Performance Poet/ Performance Writer. He has presented poetry readings and performances of his original material all around America, especially in the Northeast, and in the Fall of 2013, staged performances of original poetry and music in London, Scotland and Wales during a one month tour of Great Britain. He was a Charter Board Member of the Binghamton Community Poetry Series Inc. who organized and staged readings by major American poets in the Binghamton, NY community for over a decade in the 1980s and 90s. In addition to publishing individual poems, Phil is the author of a First Collection of Poetry: Dark Shadows For A Thousand Points Of Light, which is available via this site, and he is currently engaged in a final editing of a Second Collection Of Poetry, which will be shared here as well.

A versatile songwriter, guitarist and performance artist, Phil is the author of over 100 original songs that powerfully reflect an alternative view of life in America for the past four decades. He has organized and successfully managed a National Peace & Justice Tours of America and has performed his original music all over the country at solo venues and with the talented country, rhythm and blues band, Truman's Cabin, which is featured on one of his two most recent CDs: Do You Know Where Your Children Have Been. This Cd and a partner CD: Softer Protest: Finding Your Way Home are also available on this site, at CD Baby, on You Tube and Facebook. Having recently performed music and read poetry in London, Wales and Scotland, Phil hopes to return there for performances next year.

A retired Hugh School Enlish Teacher & Instructor , Phil has, also,  conducted over 100 Poet-In Residence and Arts-In-Education Workshops, grades K-12, in schools all over New York State for Alternative Literary Programs in the Schools(ALPS), the Southern Tier Arts In Education Program and the Imagination Festivals in local communities. A Disability Rights Advocate and Board Member, he has been awarded grants to work with physically and emotionally challenged residents in poetry workshops and to present their best material at major community events, such as; Voices And Visions Of The Southern Tier. He has been awarded numerous career enhancement grants, and residencies for his creative efforts and continues to work at his craft from a beautiful riverbank in Upstate New York.

Phil is also active in the Syracuse Diocese of New York and around the country as a Missionary and Director of Vocations for Franciscan Missionary of Jesus Christ(FMJC). An Association of the Faithful, professed members of FMJC provide advocacy and support for Catholics who happen to have physical disabilities or other life challenges to manage. FMJC members share a daily life of prayer and service as they labor to see that traditionally marginalized members of the Church have the opportunity to lead full and comprehensive spiritual lives and contribute their best gift and talents to the One Body of Christ. FMJC are in the world, though not of it, and they seek to transcend walls that divide people and to reach out with love and compassion to all people Issues of social justice, equal access, independent living and a safe, clean environment are all important matters to this young and expanding community. Information about FMJC for interested women and men is available at this site

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